Young members need UNISON. UNISON needs young members.

Young Members photoIf you are not already a member of UNISON we want you to join our winning team. Why? Because working together means we can:

  • make a positive difference to your pay, conditions, and workplace
  • support each other when things go wrong at work
  • build a more effective union that gets things done

Over 75,000 young workers have already made the decision to join UNISON. They are already making a significant impact in the union's bargaining and campaigning agenda.

Active in Yorkshire & Humberside

Young members out in strength at the TUC march in London.


Play your part

UNISON wants young members to play a full part in union activities. At the same time we know for many young people it can be difficult getting time off work for union activity, being taken seriously, or speaking out with confidence in a room full of older people who can give the impression they know it all.

That's why we have created a young members organisation in UNISON designed to:

  • encourage recruitment and participation by young members;
  • provide a voice for young members;
  • give young members the chance to develop their skills and knowledge;
  • support young members in becoming active in the wider union.

There are all sorts of ways you can be more involved at all levels of the union.

Contact us if you would like more information.


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