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Third Sector TeamThe Sheffield Local Government branch social care team is here to help you with any issues that you may have in the workplace.

If you are interested in becoming a UNISON steward please get in contact with the branch. UNISON are able to provide an extensive training and support package to make sure that you feel confident in carrying out the role of a steward.

If you are unsure about becoming a steward and want to know more about what is involved for further details please contact the branch on 0114 2736307.

If you do not feel able to commit to becoming a steward, please consider taking up another role within your union. You could become a workplace contact (Info will be sent to you to distribute around UNISON members), Health and Safety Representative or a Lifelong Learning Representative. Again for further information please contact the Branch Office. 

Third Sector Employers News

Care workers (national information you might find very useful) (17/08/12)

A caring society?

If a sign of a civilised nation is how the old and vulnerable are looked after, what does the way in which the people who do that caring are treated say about our society?

A new UNISON survey has revealed the extent of the difficulties facing homecare workers – and the ways in which things can be improved.

The work homecarers do is often physically hard and emotionally challenging.

Yet they are some of the lowest paid workers in the country, even though their service users rely on them for some of their most intimate care.

Read the full report here...

Homecare Newsletter: Summer 2012

You can download the Summer 2012 newsletter here...

Communicating with you: You can download the questionnaire mentioned in this bulletin here... and send it back to us using the FREEPOST address here...

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UNISON Launch Social Care contract across Sheffield (12/04/12)

(12/04/12) UNISON the UK’s largest public sector trade union have just announced their new “Sheffield Union Care Contract” which they hope will achieve a minimum basis on which all Home Care staff in the City will be employed.

Detailed below are the minimum terms and conditions and pay we are seeking to secure:

  • 30 days holiday (including statutory holidays)
  • 2 months full pay followed by 1 months half pay when off sick
  • 45p per mile when using your own car or reimbursement of public transport costs when travelling between clients
  • Guaranteed hours with minimum notice periods before any changes
  • Right to daily and weekly rest periods
  • Right to be paid for all hours spent at work
  • At least minimum wage hourly rate to be paid

Listed below are the issues, you our members, felt most strongly about which we now intend to take up with management on your behalf. We appreciate these are not the only issues of concern but we need to start somewhere and these appear the most urgent.

  1. Low pay
  2. Zero hours contract
  3. No occupational sick pay
  4. Mileage rate for travelling between clients
  5. Proposals to change ‘check in’ system
  6. Potential use of GPS trackers

Please let us know if you feel there are other important matters that require addressing.

It is our intention to seek either voluntary or statutory recognition from the employer so that we can undertake collective bargaining on your behalf as presently we are only able to represent our members on an individual basis (e.g. in a disciplinary situation or in a grievance situation). If we gain recognition we will be able to negotiate to improve your working lives through improvements to your terms and conditions and pay.

To gain recognition we need more than 50% of staff in membership. We currently have more than 40 members so please talk to your colleagues and ask them to join.


Mears Members News

Latest Newsletter is now available to download (12/04/12)
“YOU ARE NOT ALONE” (04/04/12)

(04/04/2012) Care workers who are employed by MEARS in Sheffield will be aware that UNISON Organisers have been working to increase our membership in order that we can assist staff to work collectively to try to improve your terms and conditions.

To date there are 33 staff employed by MEARS Sheffield who have joined UNISON with many more having expressed an interest in doing so. Although this figure is a huge increase on the initial number of members we had when we first started our work within MEARS more staff need to join for UNISON to be able to have any influence with your employer. That said positive steps have been made as we have been in contact with the Chief Executive of MEARS and as a result a meeting has now been arranged with Lee Tudor the Operations Manager in Sheffield this is due to take place in early May.

Sheffield MEARS members however may not be aware that - You are not alone - Across the country Care workers who are employed by MEARS Care have realised the importance and value in joining the UK’s largest trade union representing staff who work in the Public, Private and Voluntary sectors. The City of Sheffield Branch has the second largest membership of MEARS staff with Wigan LG Branch being the largest having 59 members. In total across the country 204 Care workers employed by MEARS Care are members of UNISON.

Unfortunately this is not enough because in each city MEARS Care is an independent employer. In order for UNISON to gain statutory recognition rights each city has to have 50% of the MEARS workforce in UNISON membership.

Not only is each city individual as far as the employer group is concerned the staff that work in each city are fragmented and do not see each other as a group of co-workers to discuss common issues or concerns. That is where your union can get involved, because UNISON is a National Union we can work with other braches to try to improve terms and conditions for MEARS staff collectively – but UNISON needs your help to achieve that.

Because of the fragmented nature of the workforce it is difficult for UNISON to engage with staff so we need your help to encourage your colleagues to join UNISON. Remember, if you do get a colleague to join UNISON put your name on the top of their application form before you send it in to us and you will be rewarded with £10.00 if they stay in membership for 13 weeks.

As a reminder of what UNISON can do for you, take a look at our recent newsletters on the link below.

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