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UNISON represents members in every type of post in SYHA throughout the whole organisation, including housing officers and assistants, cleaners, cooks, supported living support workers, clerical and finance staff and house keepers. SYHA is a charitable, not-for-profit organisation governed by a voluntary board and manages more than 6,000 homes throughout Sheffield. Staff work in housing as well as care and support in Sheffield, Rotherham, Doncaster, Barnsley, Normanton, Glossop and parts of Derbyshire.

The association recognises and works with UNISON stewards and health and safety reps
to find innovative ways to provide the highest quality services to individuals and communities. The aim is to generate profits so they can be invested in services and enhance SYHA’s reputation and credibility in the area.


Jean Sowley
Senior steward
Health and safety steward
Equalities steward
Workplace: Wellington Street
Tel: 0114 2900313
Mushrat Javaid
Workplace Sheffield Thursday Project
Tel: 01142900200

Megan Staley    


Brenda Warner - Southwell

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Latest news

Latest bulletin (18/06/18)

As you will be aware, South Yorkshire Housing Association's unions have recently negotiated a pay rise through our Joint Negotiating Group (JNG). We were originally offered a pay rise of 1.5%. This offer was sent to all the members of UNISON and Unite to be balloted. The vast majority of our members rejected this offer, with a staggering 93% voting to reject it. The returns for this ballot were also the highest we had ever had. As a result of this vote and further negotiations, SYHA’s board have now offered us a 2% pay rise.  

This is a prime example of the function unions perform within organisations. You, the members, ensured this 0.5% increase in the pay rise offered. Through collective action we have all achieved an increase in the work benefits offered to us by our employer. The further ballot resulted in the 2% pay rise offer being accepted. 

In light of the success of our collective action, we have had significantly increased levels of interest from SYHA employees wanting to join UNISON. This is therefore a great time for people to join and become involved in the union. We are urging all members to seize on this opportunity and ask colleagues whether they would like to join UNISON, if they are not already in a union. The benefits of new members are not only limited to improving the strength of the union.

Enclosed are a couple of applications forms for you to give to work colleagues who may be interested in joining UNISON, if you recruit a new member, and that member stays in UNISON for more than thirteen weeks, you will receive a £20 reward from our Branch, please ensure you have put your name and membership number on top of the application form.

This is an exciting time to be involved in a union, with more and more people using their union as a vehicle for pushing collective change and getting their voice heard. We would therefore urge anyone wanting to be further involved with UNISON to speak to a steward and see how they can help.

SYHA Stewards

Mushrat Javaid - representing SYHA on branch committee
Brendan Warner-Southwell - representing SYHA on branch committee
Jean Sowley - representing disabled members on branch committee
Megan Staley

Health and Safety Reps
Jean Sowley
Brendan Warner-Southwell
Lisa Softley
Anita Watts
Michelle Cookson
Sarah Smith
Ellie Pearson

Information from the members meeting - Members who wished to look at equal pay claim, the job descriptions have been sought. Please make yourselves known to your SYHA reps.


Housing Seminar (10/5/18)

Jean Sowley attended the UNISON Housing Seminar held on 10 May 2018.

You can read her report here... pdf logo


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