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If you have any issues please get in contact with us. We are always looking for more stewards within Sheffield College so if you are interested in getting active in UNISON please contact us.

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Latest News

(18/10/13) Management have put forward proposals for a job evaluation process and a plan for pay progression to be linked to your performance (PRP).

The advice from the National UNISON Office is:

  • UNISON is opposed to PRP in principle and has grave reservations about the job evaluation process and its outcomes.
  • UNISON does NOT recommend the new scheme or the implementation of performance related pay (PRP).

As a result of UNISON’s reservations and opposition to management proposals, the union will be balloting members on these issues.

Management propose to send letters week commencing 21st October, detailing job family structure and grading levels.

UNISON will forward ballot papers to members two weeks from this date.
Management are extremely insistent that all unions involved must reach agreement but UNISON, with the support of UCU, do NOT agree with or support PRP.

If the result of the vote is to not accept these contractual changes, we will be seeking to hold industrial action jointly with UCU.

Members need to be aware of the very possible pitfalls of PRP for existing staff which were not included in the recent ‘newsletter’ or detailed in the propaganda ‘road shows’.

  • All arguments in favour of PRP in the public sector ONLY relate to senior management post holders.
  • The government have previously used PRP as a cost cutting exercise.
  • It can be a highly subjective system that is open to the prejudice and bias of line managers. Consequently, it can discriminate against individuals and groups.
  • Limited budgets mean there is no guarantee that high performance will actually be rewarded with higher pay.
  • As grading is carried out by different managers, variations between how these individual managers carry out grading can lead to unfairness and discrimination as well as general resentment.
  • The majority of staff are not likely to be placed in the higher categories.

Workplace/Site meetings can be held if members feel this would be useful and proposed time slots are available for this to be organised with the Full Time Officer, Marion Perrett.
Please do not hesitate to contact your UNISON reps for further clarification of the current situation or to request a site meeting.

Thank you for your time and attention,

Gary Levick -             gary.levick@sheffcol.ac.uk           ext 2529
Fiona Fletcher –      fiona.fletcher@sheffcol.ac.uk          ext 2568
Stephen Fletcher – Stephen.fletcher@sheffcol.ac.uk    0114 2602568
Brenda Desmond – brenda.desmond@sheffcol.ac.uk   ext 3105

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