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Jon Mordecai is now the Convenor for the Resources portfolio and if members have any queries they need to contact him via email at jon.mordecai@sheffield.gov.uk or via branch office on 01142 736307, please note that Jon only works on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Corporate Resources

Corporate Resources is made up of Business Information Systems (B.I.S.), Corporate Finance, Corporate Property & Facilities Management, Customer First, Corporate Human Resources, Corporate Transport Services, Commercial services.

Each of these areas undertake four types of work

  1. A strategic function – undertaking financial management, management of property undertaking commercial services and providing customer facing services such as Transport Services and Customer First. etc
  2. Managing transactions for their area whether this is undertaken in house or as part of an externalised contract.
  3. Acting as Business Partners to other areas to facilitate the work they do.
  4. Driving change management through the authority.

Corporate Resources employ approx 1200 people with Unison being the largest trade union and are represented by Corporate Convenor Josie Paszek who can be contacted on 27 36307.

Deputy Chief Executives (DCEX) Portfolio

This area has just completed a comprehensive restructure and may face another when the current Chief Officer leaves the Authority in 2012.

DCEX is made up of Performance and Corporate Planning (Performance Team & Programme led delivery, Scrutiny, Communications & Marketing) Modern Governance Democratic Services, organisational Change, Governance & Involvement and Emergency Planning), Legal Services inc Registration Services, Strategic Priorities (Health Improvement, Economy, skills and Enterprise Team and Sustainable Development) and Policy & Research all of whom are supported by a centralised business support structure.

DCEX employ approx 380 people with UNISON being the largest trade union and are represented by Corporate Convenor Josie Paszek who can be contacted on 27 36307 and Shop Stewards (job share) Andrea Simpson and Pamela Helliwell.

We are actively seeking new workplace contacts, representatives and members in all areas so please contact us if you would like more details and information – we are waiting to hear from you!

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