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UNISON represents members in Capita Sheffield Local Government, including Revenues and Benefits, HR and Payroll, Education HR and IT functions.

We have a national partnership agreement with Capita, and work hard to make sure that our members interests are protected in these difficult times at both national and local level.
UNISON members in Capita play a full role in the union with a national committee made up of stewards from around the country, which sends delegates to the UNISON National Private Contractors forum, which in turn can send resolutions to UNISON’s national delegate conference. UNISON has well over 100,000 members working in the private sector, and it is the fastest growing area of the union.

We know that there will be more government cuts in the years to come, which will affect everyone delivering public services, including those of us working in the private sector, delivering public services. This is why it is vital that we recruit as many members as possible to strengthen our voice in these difficult times.

We also need members to step up and become stewards or contact points in the organisation so we can organise effectively and deliver on behalf of our members. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch; we will be delighted to hear from you.

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