What are Self Organised Groups?

UNISON is committed to achieving equality for all. One of the ways we promote equality is through self-organisation. Self-organisation brings together members from certain under represented groups - women members, black members, disabled members and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender members. Self-organisation helps the union identify and challenge discrimination and build equality. It can be a way for members to get involved in the union, developing skills, expertise and confidence.

Disabled Members

UNISON Raceday 2012 Report

(6/08/12) It was a glorious day, we couldn’t have asked for better. Wendy Nichols our Yorkshire and Humberside Convenor welcomed UNISON’s new president Chris Tansley to the race meeting.

The raceday is an annual event for UNISON’s Yorkshire and Humberside members. Each year UNISON arranges a great deal for tickets into the race meeting which is family friendly and lots of fun. There is a campaign theme to the meeting to let members know how to get involved.

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LGBT Members

Sheffield City RainbowSteel City Rainbow

This short booklet has been prepared as a reflection and celebration with a specific emphasis on the LGBT people who live, study, work or are otherwise connected with Sheffield and the organisations based in this city who have made their contributions to breaking down the barriers – and how they broke!

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