Improve your working life

Most people join a union because they want protection at work - help with pay and conditions of service, legal or health and safety advice or representation in case things go wrong at work. That’s what we’re here for.

UNISON negotiates on pay and working conditions at every level - local, regional and national. However being a UNISON member also gives you a wide range of benefits and unbeatable deals.

How to join

There are three main ways to join UNISON.

Option 1: Join online now (to pay by direct debit only)
Option 2: Print a DOCAS Form PDF logoand send to the branch (to pay via your salary)
Option 3: Print a Direct Debit Form PDF logo(to pay via direct debit)

Personal stories

Sometimes it's hard to pin down exactly why you should be in UNISON. There are so many reasons that a simple list can't really explain all the help and advice our members can receive. So we are beginning to collect personal stories from UNISON members which say it so much better than we can!

We have removed any names, but can assure you that they are genuine letters and feedback we have received.

Help when you need it - another personal story (12/03/12)

Hi, several months ago I was diagnosed with having depression and my life and outlook on life was bleak. To be honest i'd thought several times about running away or just ending it all, but I have a family and it was the thought of them being left alone that stopped me and the help from UNISON.

My G.P referred me for councilling, my work place referred me to OHN all were very good and support mechanisms were put in place, but to be honest it was UNISON who got me through and where I am today back at work out of human resources procedures and trying to get on with my life again. UNISON supported me in a professional role regarding my job and also maintained email and telephone contact weekly to see how I was.

Without UNISON's support I know I wouldn't be here writing this now they helped me pick the pieces of my life up again and encouraged and supported me when I felt no one really cared, they were always there to help and listen whenever I had a problem or worry.

If anyone reading this is not a member of UNISON I would strongly urge you to re-consider. UNISON are fantastic they were with me to ensure I got all the help I needed and that procedures were carried out fairly and correctly concerning my absence and illness, they were truly amazing.


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Letter from a UNISON member...


I have 33 years unblemished service working in Sheffield Schools and have always been a member of UNISON. Sadly I have recently found myself under investigation which has led to disciplinary proceedings through a sheer misunderstanding.

Ever since my initial phone call to UNISON I have always felt supported and respected by all the staff there.

At times in the process I have felt confused, angry, degraded and saddened but Lisa Smith has always managed to keep me positive, motivated and strong so I have been able to keep going.

When I felt at my lowest, unable to speak to others Lisa was always there for me supporting and guiding me through complicated paperwork, meetings answering my questions and generally just being there for me at the end of the phone to reassure me and offer me kind words.

I can truly say I could not have got through this ordeal without UNISON’s help.

Thankfully the procedure is over for me now but I do, and always will feel for anyone going through similar circumstances, it really was horrid.

I would urge anyone who isn’t in a union to join UNISON and to those of you who wonder where your monthly subs go well I can only assume a small proportion of those go to the staff at UNISON who work tirelessly to support their members its worth every penny as you never know when you’ll need their services.

Thank you UNISON


Great reasons why you should be a member of UNISON

  • Unrivalled protection and representation at work
  • Help with pay and conditions of service
  • Health and safety guidance and support
  • Confidential welfare services for you and your dependents in difficult times
  • Excellent legal services including free help with work problems and legal support for members and their families
  • Pensions advice
  • A special hotline, UNISONdirect, for help and advice on workplace issues
  • Online employment and workplace advice
  • Education and training advice and courses, leading to vocational and professional qualifications

But we also do a lot more:-

  • Cash benefits for accidents and injuries at work
  • A colour magazine sent to your home four times a year, a fortnightly newspaper for our stewards and activists and a full range of publicity
  • Special deals on everything from computers, tax returns, holidays, mortgages, car breakdown services, insurance and credit cards ( UNISON Plus )
  • Our own holiday centre for members and families at the Devon seaside