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Help grow membership... and pocket some cash!

(25/06/18) The Sheffield Branch has launched a special year of recruitment, which can earn you some useful cash.

For every member recruited from this month and every month thereafter by stewards, branch officers or members there will be a payment of £20.

Corporate Convenors, activists on full-time release and paid employees of UNISON are precluded from taking part.

But for everyone else, any individual who achieves more than the target figure of 10 recruited members in the first month will be automatically entered into a draw.

The winner will receive a voucher for a meal for two worth £40 at a choice of restaurants.
To receive the £20 per member reward the branch will need to see evidence that the new member has been in membership for 13 weeks, evidenced through DOCAS records or Direct Debit payments. And at the end of the year, anyone who has recruited more than 50 members will be entered into a final draw, for a prize of high street vouchers worth £200.

The person who recruits the most new members over the year will receive an additional bonus of £150. Branch Secretary Rod Padley said: “It is vital that we increase our membership in the face of government cuts to protect jobs and services.

“This scheme should be a great incentive for members to get out there and encourage people to join.It is a way of rewarding people who make the extra effort to recruit and I think the prizes on offer are well worth aiming for. I really hope we will see some very positive results from this initiative and as many people as possible take up the challenge.”