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2019: The year of young workers


Millennials: Avocados, flat whites and Instagram – right? Not quite. The hipster characterisation masks a much starker reality for the houseless generation. Most young workers are contending with low wages, insecure jobs and no voice at work. They need trade unions more than ever. This is why UNISON has voted to make 2019 the year of young workers.

A new suite of resources are available to help you communicate with young workers.

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AGM 2020 date announced: Wednesday 4th March 2020 (15/11/19)


Wednesday 4th March 2020

5.30pm – 7.00pm

St Mary’s Church and Conference Centre

Bramall Lane, Sheffield, S2 4QZ


Latest Schools Newsletter published (11/11/19)
South Yorkshire Housing Granted UNISON’s End Violence at Work Charter (06/08/19)

SYHA Chief Executive Tony Stacey and Jean Sowley
SYHA Chief Executive Tony Stacey with Jean Sowley after the signing of the Charter certificate.

South Yorkshire Housing Association has been working with their Health and Safety rep to achieve UNISON’s charter to End Violence at Work.

For some years it has been recognised that violence towards people working in the Community and Voluntary Sector, including Housing Associations, is a significant problem.

In 2015 a UNISON survey of members across the service group found 48% had experienced an incident of violence or aggression at work in the previous two years. This included staff being punched, kicked, pushed as well as verbal abuse.

To qualify for the UNISON Violence at Work Charter mark, employers must meet the following standards:

  1. The employer has a written violence and aggression at work policy, which is available to all staff. The policy should also cover lone working.
  2. Responsibility for implementing these policies lies with a senior manager.
  3. Measures are taken to reduce staff working in isolated buildings, offices or other work areas to a minimum.
  4. Staff are encouraged to report all violent incidents and they are told how to do this.
  5. The employer collects and monitors data on violent incidents on a regular and ongoing basis.
  6. Where they are in place, union safety reps are able to access this data and are consulted on solutions to issues relating to violence in the workplace.
  7. Thorough risk assessments are conducted for staff placed in vulnerable situations.
  8. The employer has support pathways in place for staff who are victims of violence at work, so that they know where to turn for advice and support.
  9. Training to ensure staff are aware of the appropriate way to deal with threatening situations.
  10. Where appropriate, independent counselling services are available to staff who are the victims of violence at work.

Jean Sowley, the South Yorkshire Housing Association (SYHA) UNISON Health and Safety rep, thought her company was being proactive in addressing violence at work and worked towards being granted the charter. Collating all the evidence to meet the 10 point list with UNISON’s National Community and Voluntary Sector Officer Gavin Edwards, and Regional Organiser Dean Harper, SYHA was successfully granted the Charter.

Does your company have good policies? Do you want the charter for your workplace? Have a look on the UNISON webpage and take up the challenge of the charter. No one wants to be verbally or physically abuse at work.

Well done South Yorkshire Housing Association!


Sheffield Municipal Officers' Guild (07/05/19)

National Pay Award Update (February 2019)

UNISON has signed a Collective Agreement with Sheffield City Council on the local implementation of the 2019 element of the National Pay Award (2018) for members covered by the National Joint Committee (NJC) negotiation framework. This affects staff employed on the Council’s Local Government Services 11 grade pay structure.

LGS April 2019 - 1. SCC LGS Pay Scales and Grades April 2019 pdf

The Council has held a number of consultation roadshows to inform staff of the generalities of the agreement and will be sending each employee a detailed breakdown of their individual outcome from w/c 18th February.

The key changes arising from the pay award are:-

  • The minimum pay rise for all staff in 2019 is 2%. This rises to around 4% for staff due an incremental increase.
  • The introduction of a new bottom pay rate of £9 per hour, which has resulted in a number of Spinal Column Points (SCP) being deleted from the pay structure.
  • All Staff will be realigned onto the new pay structure based on their SCP and pay rate, with no detriment. The SCP staff will be aligned to will be lower than their current SCP due to the removal of the bottom SCP’s from the structure.
  • Staff will remain in the same grade as now, with access to the top of the grade that also remains of equivalent pay value.
  • Staff due an incremental increase will receive a full increment, except staff half of an increment away from the top of the grade who will receive a half increment.
  • Increments due will be paid on the current monetary value. Staff will then be assimilated across on to the new grading structure, at the new lower SCP.
  • Half increment values will still exist in the structure, but only until no-one remains on one, they will then be deleted. In 4 years they will have all gone.
  • The grade overlaps that exist in the current pay structure will be removed in the new grading structure, achieved by removing the bottom SCP in grades.

The Council has a number of staff who are employed on TUPE Terms and Conditions who are not covered by this agreement. Discussions have taken place on an equivalent minimum pay increase of 2%.

Remaining council run schools will be adopting the new Council grading structure, as will a number of Academies, with talks ongoing with others.

Branch officers would once again like to thank members for the overwhelming support for the UNISON ‘Enough is Enough’ campaign. As a result the Council will not be returning to half increment increases or enforced unpaid leave. Thank you.

Finally, if you have not registered you contact details with branch yet, can you please do so as this will aid branch with future communications. Ring 2736307

Latest Schools Newsletter published - Spring 2019 edition

You can download the latest newsletter here.

It's worth checking out our special schools web page here...


School Funding Ballot - Time for Action (30/01/19)

Schools ballot

Please see below the School Funding Ballot power point bulletin.

In response to education funding cuts, and the disproportionate impact they have on school support staff,  UNISON is balloting members employed by publically funded schools/academies and free schools/local authorities.

Please note this ballot will be conducted via email only and runs from Tuesday 22nd January to Tuesday 5th March 2019.

If you are a school worker, or know someone who is that hasn’t received an email with a link to the ballot, please contact the branch office asap to update your contact details.

You can find our schools section here...


Help grow members and pocket some cash - recruit a friend (08/01/19)

recruit a friend

The Branch initiative that rewards members who encourage colleagues to join UNISON will be continuing for the foreseeable future. From 1st January 2019 the Branch will make a payment of £10 for each new member recruited (subject to a 3 month qualifying period).

All that is required is for you to put your name or membership number on the application form

NB: only those application forms received in Branch Office will be eligible for inclusion in this incentive, membership applications submitted either online or to national/regional office will therefore be excluded.

Find out why so many people choose to join UNISON
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Oaks BadgeOaks Memorial Appeal fund badges
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Your rights as an apprentice

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